[bæk] 1. noun
1) (in man, the part of the body from the neck to the bottom of the spine: She lay on her back.) záda
2) (in animals, the upper part of the body: She put the saddle on the horse's back.) hřbet
3) (that part of anything opposite to or furthest from the front: the back of the house; She sat at the back of the hall.) zadní část
4) (in football, hockey etc a player who plays behind the forwards.) obránce
2. adjective
(of or at the back: the back door.) zadní
3. adverb
1) (to, or at, the place or person from which a person or thing came: I went back to the shop; He gave the car back to its owner.) zpátky, nazpět
2) (away (from something); not near (something): Move back! Let the ambulance get to the injured man; Keep back from me or I'll hit you!) zpět, pryč, dál
3) (towards the back (of something): Sit back in your chair.) dozadu
4) (in return; in response to: When the teacher is scolding you, don't answer back.) v odpověď
5) (to, or in, the past: Think back to your childhood.) zpět (do minulosti)
4. verb
1) (to (cause to) move backwards: He backed (his car) out of the garage.) (vy)couvat
2) (to help or support: Will you back me against the others?) podpořit
3) (to bet or gamble on: I backed your horse to win.) vsadit si (na něco)
- backbite
- backbiting
- backbone
- backbreaking
- backdate
- backfire
- background
- backhand
5. adverb
(using backhand: She played the stroke backhand; She writes backhand.) backhandem, se sklonem doleva
- back-number
- backpack
- backpacking: go backpacking
- backpacker
- backside
- backslash
- backstroke
- backup
- backwash
- backwater
- backyard
- back down
- back of
- back on to
- back out
- back up
- have one's back to the wall
- put someone's back up
- take a back seat
* * *
• týl
• záda
• zadní
• zacouvat
• zadní strana
• zpět
• zpáteční
• zpátky
• rub
• obránce
• hřbet
• couvat

English-Czech dictionary. 2013.

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